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Editorial Print, Animated Content

A corporate client, with a creative twist. 

Searcher welcomes you to a new world of sAIsmic, a cloud-based service that provides global seismic data on-demand with native support for deep learning and advanced analytics.

Streamed anywhere, anytime, to any system.


​sAIsmic offers the industry an innovative and smarter way to interact with seismic data that is flexible and compatible with today’s big-data tools.

We were tasked to create a campaign that was different to anything Searcher had previously released online and in print. They wanted to step up their marketing game, that’s where we came in. 

A sAIsmic subscription currently provides access to data in Australia, Argentina and Peru. 

​This achieved stand-out in a sea of common corporate,

text-based advertisements. 

Utilising strong visuals to communicate a relatable, creative and playful side whilst remaining professional and on brand. 

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