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Rainbow Sherbet Sour

'This vs That'


The crowd favourite and what Gweilo Beer is iconically known for.
An easy sell for The Rainbow Sherbet Sour, nostaglia in a can.

gweilo neon - 1.png

Gweilo has made its way from the streets of Hong Kong to shelves around the world and handed the reigns over to us to run their Australian social media.


They like to keep things interesting by exploring new flavours, concepts and collaborations, giving us creative freedom for social campaigns and concepts.


Recognised for its limited editions and unusual flavours, New Habits task is to advertise all flavours in a fun, engaging and informative way.


Gweilo Beer is all about getting creative and having fun, which we've carried throughout their digital presence.

Keep an eye out for whats next - you never know with Gweilo.



Gweilos first beer to go Australia wide so we wanted to target each city individually with hyper-local meme content as well as statement city graphics. It's the orange furry can - you can't miss it.



NFT Campaign

Our competition graphics for the NFT Campaign.

Gweilo Beer UK teamed up with Polygon and Salt Brewery

with an NFT beer collaboration allowing winners to design the can
and the flavour of their next beer - or win a cash prize.

Social Media Management

We assist Gweilo in connecting with their audience through a thought-out social strategy and captivating content that speaks their language. After setting out a social strategy that aligns with their goals, we took on daily management of their Australian social accounts from mid 2022. 

We create a monthly content calendar alongside their scheduled limited edition releases, so their online presence is consistent and active. We want to ensure the brand is not only recognised for their unique drinking concoctions but also known for their fun brand personality that is showcased across all creative content.

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