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We are working with the Akobi team on their digital marketing and launch campaigns leading up to the project minting. Making sure the brand visuals are consistent and creative across all platforms.

Birthing the entire Akobi collection is still ongoing.

We are excited to be on board the project and the growing community of traditional artists entering into the web3 space.

Àkọ́bí (Yoruba: // “the first to be born”//) 

Akobi is the creation and brainchild of renowned contemporary visual artist Ayobola Kekere-Ekun, centered around her life and inspiring story.

We love the purpose, connection, and story behind the art with a focus on creativity, uniqueness, and intrigue.


The creative process initially involved handcrafting the physical characteristics that underlie these visual NFTs. We then jumped on board to help promote and grow the brand in the digital space.

Akobi banner web2.png

Animated & Video Content


Article Visuals

Social Media Content

NFT Roadmap

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